Life Line – More than a destination

After the initial take off jitters, the flight settles into it’s typical fashion.  The jet engines cause a deep but muted rumble in the cabin.  The air is filled with the scents and sounds of mass travel.  Beside me sits a rather unassuming woman.  She is dressed in what one may consider typical travel clothes.


She stares at me for what seems ages before she speaks.  Softly she begins to tell me that she is a palm reader.  And insists that she should read my fortune.  After a bit of polite refusal her insistence wins me over.   After all, what is the harm in letting someone practice her beliefs.  It costs me nothing and may even help to kill the time.

She takes my hand and intently stares at the lines that hold my future.  Her expression is focused.  She continues to examine my hand as a detective at a crime scene looks for clues.  Hery gaze hardens a bit and she raises her eyes from my hand to my face.

She stares at my face with a most curious expression.  After another awkward moment that feels like an eternity she begins to speak.

“The reading is done”, she says with a somewhat dower expression.

“And what did you see?”, I asked.

“Do you really want to know?”, she replied.

A flash of embarrassment and fear causes my face to warm as I sip a room temperature soda from the airline hostess.

“Well sure”, I say with a slight tremble in my voice.

Her expression softens a bit as she pushes herself up further in her seat.

“I saw your future”, she says, very plainly.

“Great”, I exclaimed with a bit too much enthusiasm, tipping my hand that I am suddenly nervous.

Her expression softens more, until a slight smile is noticeable.

“You don’t put too much in to faith or destiny do you?”, she asked.

“Well, no not really”, I stammered as I tried to remain polite while anxiously awaiting her divination.

Her smile slipped away from her lips and seem to show more of a melancholy.  She sipped her water and turned her eyes to the window.  Sunset has turned the clouds a soft pink.  They whipped by us at incredible speeds.


Without turning back to me she begins to speak.

“I have some bad news for you”, she whispers. “your future is entirely up to you.”

As her words reach me, I can feel the crushing weight of their meaning. My future, like everyone else’s, is as much an action as it is an accident.  I can say that the way things have gone and the way things are going are not my fault.  However, for as much they are the choices and actions of others I am equally responsible.

I thank her with a shaky voice and decide to slip in my earbuds for some music.  But as I close my eyes and listen I can still feel her words pressing on my heart.  Our airline slips through the evening sky taking us to the same place, but separate destinations.


Life Line


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