Extra! Extra! Read all about it. AKA Press It

Today’s writing exercise is meant to expand our reading awareness and perhaps open us up to a new world.  Our objective is to read three blogs and post which ones we read and why we enjoyed them.  Below are three favorites.


Intuition rising is a blog by a dear friend of mine.  Yes I am certain I am bias, but it is my blog so i can do what I want.  Intuition Rising, to me, is a heartfelt and very real journal of a young woman making huge leaps in self discovery and expression.  Her writing is very energetic and shows the youthful energies she embodies.  I highly recommend her blog.


Teri’s blog was a new find for me.  She writes in a very down to earth and emotional way.  Her recent story on the passing of her mother and how things never go the way we expect them to, was especially close to my heart.  She explores a lot of the feelings and emotions I think we all have.  she makes it obtainable and ready to read.  Definitely should check her out.


This blog is full of short essays and off the cuff poetry.  Thought provoking and whimsical at the same time.  I like the quick reads for inspiration or just to get my own thoughts jumping.  Worth the time to follow.





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