Flawed or How The Hell Do You Trust Anyone?

I’m not sure if this is the easiest or hardest post to date.  I am generally a self loathing person.  Hey at least a lack of honesty isn’t one of my typical flaws.  But being a self loathing kind of guy means I see many flaws in myself.  So picking just one to promote can be tougher than you might think.

However, out of all the myriad flaws I have one that seems to frustrate me more than most. Cynicism


an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; skepticism.
Now several philosophers would tell you being a cynic is a good thing.  Indeed it can keep you from harmful people.  But it also robs you of a great deal of joy.  Being cynical can lead to major distrust of humanity. (as I write this i feel like I should justify why being a cynic is smart, but I came to bury Caesar, not praise him)
When you become overly cynical you fail to see the decency in others.  In fact you come to believe that there is little decency in people to begin with. As I grow older and perhaps a bit wiser I have made it a goal to seek the good in others.  Not only to find the diamond in the rough, but appreciate the rough for what it is.  Recently I have opened up to people.  And have found deeper meaning in my relationships as a whole.
Being cynical can save you much in the way of disappointment, but it can cost you more in the loss of opportunities to see the beauty in a flawed world.

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