Because the Night or I Am a Solar Powered Night Owl

Daily Prompt: Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

This one of those questions I find completely unfair.  Frankly speaking I tend to be both.  When all things are well I am an insufferable morning person.  I wake up quickly and completely.  No morning fog in my head.  I can jump from the bed into a full morning easily.

I love the sunshine, and can get really down and out when the skies are gray for days or weeks on end.  I can handle cold provided the sun is overhead.  I really feel recharged by a bright sunny day.  When the sun is up I feel ready for physical labor.  Working in the yard, painting, woodworking anything that uses my tactile senses.


I also love the night.  I am fascinated by the stars and planets.  I love total darkness for sleeping.  I grew up in the rural areas of TN where the stars are much more visible than the cities.  Street lights were uncommon and with no major cities one could see thousands of stars.  I find the night is when I do my best thinking.  A calm cool night leads me to want to draw or read.  I like to stimulate my mind in the evenings.

Dark sky

I guess I am bias, but I have read that the terms, “morning person and Night Owl” are completely made up terms.  Meaning that we tend to believe we are one way or the other.  And as such we self validate our beliefs.  I grew up feeling and believing that whatever time of day it is was the time to be our best.

Thanks for reading my brain droppings today.

Because the Night


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