10,000 Spoons or Oh The Irony!

Daily Prompt:

10,000 Spoons

…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic.


Ok so to be truthful, I really liked the Alanis song referenced in the prompt.  She had a very raw sound that was representative of the angst of the 1990’s.  However, what is ironic about that song is that absolutely nothing she says is technically ironic.  But I digress.

My favorite ironic phrase has to be, Si vis pacem, para bellum or more commonly known as, to have peace, prepare for war.  That statement in any language is truly ironic.  Let’s look at that statement a little deeper shall we.


For any of us old enough to remember the cold war, this statement was used frequently to explain the arms race we lived in.  Politicians would say that in order to live in peace we need to have the biggest arsenal.  Each day we competed with Russia to see who could make the biggest bomb or who could have the most submarines.  And guess what, we really never had a “war”.  So I guess it worked right?


Wrong! Peace is not the absence of war or violence.  We were never “at Peace”, we were simply not using the weapons we had.  The news was constantly telling us someones finger was on the red button.  Everyday we were another day closer to total nuclear destruction.  Would you call that peace?


Peace will only come when we realize that being the last man standing means you are totally alone.  At least the kind of peace we seemed to envision.  I mean to be realistic if we don’t want manmade war on Earth, then the simple solution is no more mankind.


Our peace needs to come from a mutual understanding of each other. Once things like religion, nationalism, xenophobia, sexism, racism and fear are gone, then we can truly prepare for peace and not war.


10,000 Spoons


2 thoughts on “10,000 Spoons or Oh The Irony!

  1. This is a great post. Really puts things into perspective. I think my favorite line out of this is, “Peace will only come when we realize that being the last man standing means you are totally alone.” I’ve never really though of it like that, but it’s completely true. Thank you for enlightening us on this topic… well done, and beautifully.

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