Ever Wish You Were A Mantis Shrimp? Or Man’s Inhumanity To Man

Here is a fun fact about mantis shrimp:

The mantis shrimp has one of the most elaborate visual systems ever discovered.

Compared to the three types of colour receptive cones that humans possess in their eyes, the eyes of a mantis shrimp carry 16 types of colour receptive cones. It is thought that this gives the crustacean the ability to recognize colours that are unimaginable by other species.


So what right?

So much of our society looks at life in black or white terms.  Some more evolved may even admit to seeing the world as shades of gray.  I believe that all of that is wrong.  The world is a myriad of colors, hues, shades, gradients, textures and forms. 


(The colors you see above are composed of only THREE primary colors, a mantis shrimp can see an estimated ELEVEN)

We are crudely formed apes, a mere step out the primordial forest.  And in our ignorant bliss, we believe we have reached the zenith of our potential.  We replaced clubs for bombs.  and we call that progress. I look to our friend the mantis shrimp and envy his ability to observe life with so much more clarity than we naked apes can.

We profess our humanity and demonstrate our hatred.  We brag of our intelligence and wallow in our ignorance.  We embrace our own righteousness, by trampling those who do not agree. We claim or innocence by finding fault others.  We fear that which we don’t know, but are too lazy to seek the truth.  We hope and we pray, while we wait and we waste.


As I write this post, I see an odd world outside my window.  A world that should have grown closer together has found a myriad of ways to alienate each other.  This same tool I use to send thoughts of peace and unity ,will be used TODAY to bully, intimidate, besmirch, hurt,  herass, lie, cheat, steal, and malign our fellow humans.

Today fear will be wielded by politicians and religious leaders.  Today someone will be killed for not believing what he was told he must believe.  Today friends and families will stop talking to each other over differing views.  Today someone will hide who they really are for fear of judgment (or worse). Today someone will take their own life, because no one reached out to stop them.  


Or is today the day we see the world in all its’ splendor and all its’ colors?