Your Human Résumé Challenge

So I continue to see doom and gloom in the news.  The world is ending.  Say goodbye to your loved ones………………Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.  Our biggest problem, as I see it, is we continue to seek ways in which to differentiate ourselves from each other.  Nowhere else, as much as here in America.  We use race, gender, religion, political party, state, income, you name it, to make us stand apart from each other.  So instead of looking for solutions we seem to look for problems.


I went to school originally to teach history.  And history has told me that since we began this experiment known as humanity, we have been in the last days. Meaning, that our earliest records seem to indicate that we live in impending doom.  So instead of dwelling on what is wrong, how the world will end and how terrible everyone and everything is.  I wanted to encourage some positive thinking.


Below I am going to include my resume for entry in to humanity. I am asking anyone who reads this to

A. Share it with someone else.

B. Write your own human resume

C. Tag me or send me a link so I can read your resume.

Resume crumpled up and tossed in frustration

To: Humanity at Large

Name: Dan Gourley


3rd Rock from the Sun. Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy , Virgo Super Cluster

Objective: Seeking relative happiness with the freedom to pursue a better life for me, my family and my fellow humans.



School of Hard Knocks


  • Course Work In Life
  • Course Work In: Death
  • Continuing Education In: Compassion
  • Masters in Humility



Human Being 1979-Present

  • Participated in the basic human condition for nearly 4 decades
  • Major expertise in heart ache, sorrow and loss.
  • Minor experience in charity and compassion
  • Developed general sense of self awareness
  • Developing ability to think for myself


Volunteer Experience:

  1. 2014-Present Coach, Clover Recreational Soccer  Renegades Soccer
  2. 2014-Present Volunteer, Rideability Therapeutic Riding Center Rideability
  3. 2014-Present Coach, NC Special Olympics, Equestrian Division NC Special Olympics
  4. 2014-Present Volunteer, SC Special Olympics SC Special Olympics
  5. 2015-Present Director, Play On Clover, Charitable Movement Play On Clover


Cover Letter:

Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume.  Though my experience is limited, I believe you will find that I am more than willing to work with your organization in the hopes of a better tomorrow.  I am currently attending the School of Hard Knocks, and will be for the foreseeable future.  I have taken active training in compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness and charity.  I was issued a passing grade but I am seeking a master level understanding in order to better serve humanity.

I hope that you after reviewing my qualifications, you will see the mutual benefit in our continued relationship.  Please fee free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a more in-depth interview.








X-Gen apocalypse or Y2K WTF

I haven’t been posting recently as time as really gotten away from me. I use this blog as a way to soapbox my ideas in a way in which people can choose to follow or not follow me. I seldom do politics, but sometimes you have to take a step out and post what you are thinking.


I have noticed a huge divide in society as of late. And no, this isn’t about Trump and Clinton. Nor is this about race and morality in the new millennium. Today I want to address the imagined battle between Generation X (aka my generation) and Millennials. I say “imagined” because I sincerely do not understand this us versus them mentality that both generations seem to embody.


This divide is most prevalent in the posts found on LinkedIn. I joined the ranks of LinkedIn several years ago. My current career requires that I be a part of this social/business machine. I have used it to learn about trends in my industry, reaching people who can benefit from my company offerings and keeping job prospects in an ever uncertain economy. The pages are ripe with articles about Gen X versus the New Millennials. Gen X writers speak of them as the scourge of business. Millennial writers speak to the “greed and old fashioned notions” of Gen X.


A simple fact is that our predisposition in life is to raise your replacements. This the very way that humanity and every other species on the planet, continues into the next generation. Each generation actively seeks to sire a usurper to our “throne”. I fear that as we grow smarter, our wisdom is not growing at the same rate. We seem to be able to process the way in which things happen, economy, life cycles, genetics etc. But we never seemed to fathom the implications of this knowledge, people grow old, times change, technology changes the landscape etc.


The parents in the Victorian age were out raged by women who wanted to vote. The baby boomers were outraged by civil inequalities. Generation X was outraged by the conformity of the baby boomers. Millennials are seeking equality in gender identification and inclusion. If you look back and look at the issues each generation faced, they all seem antiquated. I am speaking of course of fully developed countries (or first world countries as the old system used to call them). I do not discount the suffering of certain countries that still offer no protection to women, gays, trans, other religions etc.


My best advice to both generations is simple. Get over yourself. New isn’t always better. The way things used to be wasn’t always the best way. Show respect to your elders. Show respect to your next generation. Be both leaders and followers. Collaborate. And most importantly stop looking at how we are different. Start looking at the ways we are the same. Appreciate the fresh approaches and revere the established etiquettes.


Like almost everything else under the sun, we can be more than we are. We simply have to stop believing that there is a “them”. It is only “us”. It always has been and it always will be. So stop buying in to the overly embellished war between the generations and simply be humans.